The Process & Cost

So how does it work? There are so many ways! What have you done by yourself? What help do you need? I can write it for you through (phone) interviews. You can mail me your photos or email your digital files. I have even typed books from the author’s longhand. There is no obstacle that can’t be overcome. Custom quotes are provided and a contract honors the price. It can be this simple….

You are the author, but I write your book. Committed to capturing your voice in the telling, Life Stories takes dictation with subtle editing for clarity and style. Basic packages start at $2200 for phone interviews, scanning your photos with retouching, and a written introduction. The cost of printing durable cloth-wrapped hardback books with your name foil-stamped on the cover will be determined by page count (approximately $25 hardbound book under 150 pages).

You are the author; you’ve written your book. With your manuscript and photos in digital format, a proof and one round of revisions, basic packages start at $1100 including a simple cover. A custom cover is an additional $800. Cost of printing can be as low as $12 a book for a soft cover copy with 150 black and white interior pages.

You are the author and want to offer your book to the marketplace. The cost of interior and cover design begins at $2400 and includes light editing with one round of revisions, marketing tips, a written blurb and an ISBN number. Amazon placement and discounted books allow you to keep royalties.

You have a special occasion to celebrate with color pages.  Custom quotes are provided on request with a variety of options for final books. It can even include my taking the photos. Photos tell stories too, and I’ve got an eye for stories!

Maybe your way isn’t listed here. Call me and let’s talk it over.