Writing Samples

Writing an introduction and blurb best comes from an outside source. All care will be taken to capture the essence of your story and place it in its most favorable light. These summaries are written with kindness, insight and are designed to inspire further reading. Examples can be read in the following pdfs. Simply click on the blue type.

SmokyMtnTalescoverIntroduction to Smoky Mountain Tales. Curiosity is incited by linking the present to remnants of the past as seen in an abandoned homestead and including a photograph.



Robert Hudson
Introduction to Honky Tonk Row.┬áRobert Hudson’s determination to conquer adverse circumstances was clear to the editor and applauded in the introduction, using a small story from his memoir that perfectly captures his strength, vision and determination.

Storys Find Their Way
Introduction to The Storys Find Their Way. From tilling Long Island topsoil to romance, nothing is as it appears for the Story family. This Depression-era history is anything but dark. Conversations as warm as the kitchen fire are retold by Gail seventy years later as if they happened yesterday.

empty chair2

Don’t postpone listening to the stories that matter. One day the chair may be empty. Click here to read the article.